Discontinue the use of SOAsoft 5 & 6 and begin consuming APIs from the new API Manager.


By switching to the new API Manager, BYU takes advantage of new features (which did not exist in SOASoft), including better monitoring, improved performance, improved mediation, and advanced authentication mechanisms.

SOASoft Retirement Date

April 30, 2017

Training Meetings

Steps to be Taken

1. Replace your SOASoft endpoints with new API Manager endpoints (see lookup tool)
2. Create an app in the API Store (full instructions)

3. Subscribe to API in the API Store (full instructions)
4. Replace API key or Basic Auth authentication methods with OAauth 2.0 method
​5.Contact Valinda Rose with the old API key and the new WSO2 consumer key to transfer data permissions from SOAsoft to the API Manager (full instructions)

Note, if you currently publish Events in the BYU EventHub that have callback URLs that go to SoaSoft fronted web services or other web services that use API Key AuthN then you will need to migrate those events to use endpoints in the new API Manager.  We recommend you publish both endpoints for a time before turning off the old endpoint.