Before you can add a monitoring alert in Sentinel you first need to write a KB Article that the alert will reference. Once you have created the KB Article and you have its KB Number then you can continue with setting up your monitor in Sentinel.

How to Set Up a Monitoring Alert in Sentinel

  1. Open a web browser to
  2. Under the section titled "DSAM", click on the link "Add Alerts".
  3. Fill in the form.
  4. Click the "Save Alert" button.

Now you need to Add an Element for the endpoint you'll be calling. For a list of possible element types and descriptions of what they do you can visit For a simple health check, you would use the "Basic Web Check" element.

Once you've selected the element, you'll need to click the "Configure" button and configure the monitor appropriately. 

Validating Your Sentinel Alert

Once you've set up a Sentinel alert you will probably want to check that it is running as anticipated. To accomplish this:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Search for your alert and select it once found.
  3. You should now see stats and configuration information about your alert. You'll also have the ability to run it manually to see that it behaves as expected.