BYU OIT develops and maintains several SDKs which allow developers to validate JWTs produced by the BYU API Manager. These SDKs are extremely helpful to back-end developers (producers) who will need to validate and read the JWTs sent to them. Validation of these JWTs and upholding best practices are necessary to help maintain a secure API ecosystem here at BYU. These SDKs provide developers with a simple API which allows them to securely validate the JWTs and maintain best practices surrounding key caching, clock skew, and issuer claims. The SDKs are being produced in many different languages to help support the diverse number of programming requirements and environments that exist on campus. 

If you have any issue with these SDKs, find bugs, have questions, or have suggestions for new features or new SDKs please feel free to open issues on the Github projects themselves or post a question on Ask!

Status Key:

Status Description
Released Ready for production use.
Beta Currently in a pre-release stage. Minimal changes expected.
In Development Still being actively developed. Expect large, frequent changes. Unstable.
Planned Not currently being developed but planned for future work. 



The following SKDs are available or currently in development:

Language Github URL Status
Python Released
Kotlin (Java) Released
NodeJS Released
Go In Development
PHP Released
.Net Planned