Delete the URL and settings associated with my Push Client. This will not delete my subscriptions. The Event Hub will continue to capture Events for me, but I will have to retrieve them by invoking the Retrieve Events web service or establish a new webhook.

URL Structure
{Base URL}/webhooks
Authentication Required  
Request Headers none
Parameters none  
Request Body none  
Returns none  


Return Code Additional Explanation
401 Only Event Hub Administrators may delete a Webhook for another Entity.
404 Webhook was never defined.
<fault_message xmlns="">
  <return_code/>    -- http return code
  <explanation/>    -- see the table above
  <error_data/>     -- from request
<fault_message xmlns="">
      Webhook was never defined
  "fault_message": {
    "return_code": "404",
      "Webhook was never defined",
    "error_data": "585241162"

This service may be invoked by an Event Hub administrator in behalf of an Event Consuming Application.

The URL Structure is modified in the following fashion:

{Base URL}/webhooks/{identityID}

The identityID is currently defined as the person_id associated with the Event Consuming Application.