Acknowledge that a group of events have been received. If you retrieve events instead of having them 'pushed' to you, then you must acknowledge that you received the events. You will continue to receive the same events until you acknowledge them. (Don't get yourself caught in an infinite loop!) When acknowledging a group of events, all events received before and including the 'eventID' will be acknowledged as received.

URL Structure
{Base URL}/events/{eventID}
HTTP Method PUT  
Authentication Required  
Request Headers none
Parameters 'single=true' will acknowledge a single event and not multiple events.  
Request Body none  
Returns none  


Return Code Additional Explanation
404 Event not found.
Notes The eventID was generated by the Event Hub.  


Returns the

event header

with the added

parameter "acknowledged"


"event": {

"event_header": {

"domain": "edu.byu",


"event_type": "Drop Class",

"event_id": "615f5982-b73c-42c1-93e2-c9a98aee8e03",

"event_dt": "2015-11-11T21:28:28.00Z",

"acknowledged": "true"