Before you go through the work of writing your application, you may want to first test the API. By testing the API, you will be able to get a better sense of the type and structure of the content that it returns. Through testing, you may be able to verify whether this is the API you have been looking for. Here are two ways to test the API:

1- Use the TryIt Feature. The TryIt Feature enables you to make a web request to the API Manager, through a user-friendly GUI. Unfortunately, depending on what exactly you are trying to do, the TryIt Feature may not be an adequate way to get results. Two common use cases where the TryIt feature is not adequate is when you want to use the "authorization code" or "implicit" OAuth 2.0 grant types.

2- Make your own cURL Command. Making your own cURL Command requires more background knowledge than using the TryIt feature does, but it's also more adaptable for complicated requests.