In the context of the Developer Portal, a data sharing agreement is a contract between BYU and a developer, which allows the developer to access certain pieces of BYU data for a particular, approved purpose. Data sharing agreements are an essential part of Information Governance, assuring that FERPA and other privacy-protecting laws are not violated. To get a data sharing agreement, developers must fill out a request form and submit it to the respective data steward for approval. Within the request form, developers include identifying information about the application they want to use to consume data, the API they want to consume data from, and the particular data elements that they want to access. They also include explanations as to why they need the data that they do and how it will be handled.


Due to the nature of data sharing agreements, it is necessary that there be a one-to-one relationship between approved access and applications. Within each data sharing agreement, developers must specify the particular application that will be accessing the agreed-upon data. Data sharing agreements are non-transferrable, and cannot be applied to any application other than the one specified in the agreement. To use a single data sharing agreement for multiple applications is a violation of the contract. 

In the past, BYU has not enforced a one-to-one policy between data sharing agreements and applications. If you have a previous data sharing agreement which has been applied to multiple applications, we invite you to ammend this by establishing new data sharing agreements for every additional application. Failure to do so will result in unnecessary difficulty for yourself, as well as possible disciplinary action in the future.

Data Stewards

Data stewards are people across campus who are responsible for the security and management of various data elements. As members of the Information Governance team, they are responsible for restricting data access so that only those with a legitimate need to know may receive it. In order to request a data sharing agreement, you will need to contact the data steward responsible for the data elements you would like to access.


InfoHub is a website designed to simplify the process of requesting a data sharing agreement. In the past, the only way to request a data sharing agreement with BYU was to come in-person, meet with a data steward, and fill out a bunch of paper forms. Now, through InfoHub, a developer is able to request and finalize data sharing agreements from the comfort of his or her own home or office.

For more information about using InfoHub, click here.