The first step towards subscribing to and using an API is to find the particular API that best matches your needs. The best place to find APIs is the Developer Portal. On this page you will find some tips for searching for APIs on the Developer Portal.

Note: If you are currently consuming APIs through SOASoft, you need to migrate to the new API Manager before April 30, 2017. For more information, click here.


Tip 1: Use the Search Bar on the Home Page 

On the home page of the Developer Portal, you should see something similar to the picture below. Notice that in the middle of the image, there is a large search bar which says, "Search APIs." This is a great resource to use when you're looking for an API because it only searches through API documentation. Therefore, your search results will never be diluted with events, how-to's, or product definitions. 


Note: As you enter in key words, the site will automatically pull up a list of APIs that contain the entered word in the title. This search bar, however, does much more than just match titles! If you push "enter" after typing your search string, you will be brought to a page that contains a complete list of search results. If the key words show up in the API documentation at all, that API will be displayed on this page! Therefore, by pressing "enter," you can search through API descriptions, metadata values, associated links, data elements, etc.!


Tip 2: Use the Search Bar at the Top Right

No matter where you are in the Developer Portal, the search bar at the top right is always visible! Because of its convenient location, this search bar is ideal for quick navigation between pages. To use, simply enter a few key words! 

Note: As you enter in key words, the site will automatically pull up a list of pages that contain the entered word in the title. The matching pages will be organized by content type: API, (General) Documentation, or Event. If you'd like to see results for more than just title-matches, simply press "enter" on your keyboard. As soon as you press "enter," the site will search through the content of all pages, and link you to any pages that match!


Tip 3: Use the APIs Filter Page

To get to the APIs filter page, click on the "APIs" tab of the Main Menu. On this page, you will see a list of every API contained in the Developer Portal. This is ideal for browsing. As you scroll through the APIs filter page, if you see an API that you're interested in, simply click on its title to view the API. Too many results for your liking? Enter a key word in the "Filter Results" bar to reduce the number of results!

Note: The "Filter Results" bar filters APIs by title-matches only. If you'd like to see APIs matched by content, use one of the search bars mentioned above.


Tip 4: Whenever possible, consume a University API.