This tutorial serves as a quick introduction to the new consume-an-API process, targetted at developers who are new to the site. For best results, we recommend not just reading the documentation--but actually following the steps yourself. (And, if you complete all of the steps, it may just be that you get an award...) This document will take you through finding and API to getting back responses.


Step 1: Find the API (IdentityPersonResolveIdentity)

Hands down, the Developer Portal is the best place to search for an API. There are two search bars: one on the main page, and one at the top right of every screen. For this tutorial, use the search bar to find the API "IdentityPersonResolveIdentity."

Once you type in part of the title, it should pop up. Click on IdentityPersonResolveIdentity.



Step 2: View the Documentation in the Developer Portal

Once you've clicked on "IdentityPersonResolveIdentity," you should be brought to its documentation page in the Developer Portal. Preview the documentation here to get a sense of what's going on.


Step 3: View the API in the API Store

Once you've finished looking through the documentation on the Developer Portal, you'll want to view it in the API Store. To do so, push the "View Now" button in the right sidebar. Clicking "View Now" will open a new tab and take you to the IdentityPersonResolveIdentity page in the API Store. 


Step 4: Log in to the API Store

Once you've gotten to the API Store, you'll need to log in by clicking the button at the top right of the screen. Until you log in, you won't have full functionality in the Store.


Step 5: Subscribe to the API Using Your Default Application

Once you've logged in, you will see two drop-downs and a green "Subscribe" button. In order to call the API and get back responses, you will need to select an application, select a tier, and click "Subscribe." For testing purposes, we recommend subscribing with your Default Application and choosing "Unlimited" as the tier.


Step 6: "Go to My Subscriptions"

After you've subscribed, you should see the following pop-up. Click "Go to My Subscriptions."


Step 7: Generate (or Re-generate) Keys

In order for the API Store to work properly, you need to have a valid set of keys and an active access token. The "My Subscriptions" page is the place to generate these. In order to do it, select an application (it should be the same application that you just used to subscribe to the API -- for testing, use the Default Application), and then push "Generate" (or "Re-generate"). You will want to generate both Sandbox and Production keys

Note: Access tokens need to be regenerated every hour. Each application has a separate set of keys and tokens. 


Step 8: Go Back to the PersonIdentityResolveIdentity Page

To go back to the API page from the "My Subscriptions" page, simply scroll down to the "Subscribed APIs" section, and click on the API you want to go back to. 


Step 9: Use the Try It Feature to Test the API

Once you get back to the IdentityPersonResolveIdentity page, click on the API Console Tab

On the API Console tab, select an application (for testing, use Default Application) and a type of key (Production or Sandbox)

If you scroll down, you'll see a list of methods. For this tutorial, click on the Get /lds method

Clicking on Get /lds will open up a menu. Part of this menu will include parameters. To get results, type in some parameters, and then push "Try it out!"

Your response will be displayed below. 



Learn More

Congratulations! You have officially completed your 5-Minute Quickstart Tutorial! This tutorial was designed to expose you to the basic functions of the new API Store. It did not, however, teach you everything that you need to know. To learn more about the complete consume-to-an-API process, click here.