The purpose of this blog entry is to provide instruction and a working code example of interacting with BYU's Event Hub API through our API Manager powered by WSO2. I will cover the following: - Setup of a Node.js project - Invoking a managed API through BYU's API Manager - Code examples of an Event Generating Application (EGA) - Code examples of an Event Consuming Application (ECA)

Let's dive right in and start creating a project and code!

As part of our migration from SOASoft to our new API Manager we are also changing how client applications gain access to protected resources. SOASoft uses a home grown system called APIKey. Our new API Manager takes advantage of the OAuth 2.0 industry standard. The two authorization schemes share some similarities.

A little history...

Nearly ten years ago the Office of Information Technology (OIT) determined that our future applications should be driven by APIs based upon Web Services. Since then OIT has been heavily focused on providing APIs for use by OIT as well as campus consumers.

As part of our API initiative OIT implemented a number of technologies, including: