This API is used to get job transfer information for an employee. The service will return a no_security element if the calling user does not have security to the data.

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Base URL: /domains/erp/hr/transfer

Version: v1

Default response content-types: application/json
Schemes: https


Path Operation Description
/* GET


GET /*


Employee ID

query string , must match ^[0-9]{9}$

Uses default content-types: application/json

200 OK

The default response type is JSON. Add an Accept header with value=application/xml to return an XML response.

Example for application/json
"employee_data": {
"birthdate": "2005-02-17",
"byu_id": "123456789",
"name": "Seed,Johnny Apple",
"transfers": [
"account_code": "11112222-3333-00000",
"action": "XFR",
"alternate_job_description": {
"department_description": "Biological Science",
"department_id": "7890",
"effective_date": "2016-10-27",
"email_address": "",
"employee_class": "S",
"employee_class_description": "SE Student Hourly",
"job_title": "Landscape Architect",
"last_hire_date": "2016-10-27",
"pay_rate": "10",
"pay_rate_type": "Hourly",
"pay_status": "A",
"record": "80",
"supervisor_id": "456789123",
"supervisor_name": "Newton,Sir Isaac",
"workgroup": "STHREG"

Schema definitions

account_code: string (up to 25 chars)

action: string (up to 3 chars)

alternate_job_description: string (up to 20 chars)

birthdate: string (date)

byu_id: string , must match ^[0-9]{9}$

department_description: string (up to 10 chars)

department_id: string , must match ^[0-9]{9}$

effective_date: string (date)

email_address: string (up to 70 chars)

employee_class: string (up to 3 chars)

employee_class_description: string (up to 30 chars)

employee_data: object

byu_id: byu_id
name: name
birthdate: birthdate
transfers: transfers
no_security: no_security

job_title: string (up to 30 chars)

last_hire_date: string (date)

name: string (up to 50 chars)

no_data: string

This response means that you have security to view the information for the requested employee, but no hire information exists in the database for the employee.

no_security: string

This message will be returned if the calling user does not have security to see the hire information for the requested employee.

pay_rate: number (double)

pay_rate_type: string , x ∈ { Annual , Hourly }

pay_status: string , x ∈ { A , I }

A=Active, I=Inactive

record: integer (up to 3 chars)

supervisor_id: string , must match ^[0-9]{9}$

supervisor_name: string (up to 50 chars)

transfer: object

record: record
effective_date: effective_date
action: action
last_hire_date: last_hire_date
pay_status: pay_status
account_code: account_code
department_id: department_id
department_description: department_description
job_title: job_title
employee_class: employee_class
employee_class_description: employee_class_description
email_address: email_address
supervisor_id: supervisor_id
supervisor_name: supervisor_name
workgroup: workgroup
pay_rate: pay_rate
pay_rate_type: pay_rate_type
alternate_job_description: alternate_job_description
no_data: no_data

transfers: object[]

workgroup: string (up to 10 chars)

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