This API returns reported time data. The data is returned based on the persons security and limits the data to a bi-weekly period commencing with the start date.

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Base URL: /domains/erp/hr/tl_rptd_time_by_dept

Version: v1

Default request content-types: application/json
Default response content-types: application/json
Schemes: https


Path Operation Description
/* GET


GET /*

Returns a bi-weekly range of reported time data based on the start date for all employees that the person has access to or just one employee


Start Date

query string (10 to 10 chars)

Employee ID

query string (up to 9 chars)

Uses default content-types: application/json

200 OK

employee response


failed status

Schema definitions

employee: object

punch_begin_date: string
time_reporting_code: string
job_title: string
name: string
punch_end_date: string
employee_record: string
byu_id: string
hours_worked: string
date: string
net_id: string

errorModel: object

status: string
error_message: string
error_message_number: string
Service Path: 
Domain or University API: 



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