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Base URL: /domains/legacy/transfer/stdtransferwork

Version: v1

Default response content-types: application/json
Schemes: https


Path Operation Description
/{id_type}/{id_value} GET

data about online course offerings


data about online course offerings

GET /{id_type}/{id_value}

Tags: byuonline

path that retrieves the data associated with the transfer course work


valid values are byuid, netid and personid

path string

the byuid, netid or personid value

path string

Uses default content-types: application/json

200 OK

Expected response

Example for application/json
"request": {
"attributes": "",
"method": "GET",
"resource": "/json/personid/123456789",
"status": 200,
"statusMessage": "Service request is OK and a response has been generated."
"response": {
"byu_id": "123456789",
"college_list": [
"accreditation": "AG",
"attended_from": "01/2001",
"attended_to": "04/2006",
"classes": [
"basic_elective": "E",
"catalog_number": "100",
"course_description": "AMERICAN HERITAG",
"credit_accepted": "Y",
"credit_hours": "3.0",
"curriculum_id": "02859",
"date_time_updated": "Aug 31 2013 18:00:08",
"dept_name": "AMHER",
"equiv_source": "Matrix",
"equiv_updated_date": "Aug 31 2013 18:00:08",
"grade": "B+",
"pgm_curriculum_id": "",
"pgm_equiv_source": "",
"pgm_equiv_updated_date": "Aug 31 2013 18:00:08",
"pgm_title_code": "",
"repeat_status": "N",
"semester_or_quarter": "S",
"sequence_num": "1",
"title_code": "",
"up_low_division": "L",
"updated_by_id": "EDI",
"updated_by_name": "",
"year_term": "20011"
"college_code": "01386",
"college_name": "Brigham Young University Idaho",
"college_name_long": "Brigham Young University Idaho",
"college_state": "ID",
"college_type": "CES 4 YEAR",
"date_entered": "Aug 31 2013 18:00:08",
"date_evaluated": "",
"date_time_updated": "Aug 31 2013 18:00:08",
"degrees": [
"date_time_updated": "Aug 31 2013 18:00:08",
"degree": "ASSC",
"degree_date": "200304",
"degree_gpa": "0.00",
"degree_level": "3",
"degree_major": "Pre-Medicine",
"degree_minor": "",
"degree_source": "O",
"sequence_num": "1",
"updated_by_id": "EDI",
"updated_by_name": ""
"earned_credits": "106.0",
"error_status": "",
"gpa": "3.38",
"grade_points": "354.59",
"graded_credits": "105.0",
"semester_or_quarter": "S",
"student_provided_credits": "0.0",
"student_provided_gpa": "0.00",
"transcript_source": "O",
"transcript_status": "A",
"updated_by_id": "EDI",
"updated_by_name": ""
"net_id": "js279",
"person_id": "000000000",
"student_name": "Student, Joe",
"total_earned": 106,
"total_gpa": 3.38,
"total_graded": 105,
"total_points": 354.59


Schema definitions

class_list: object[]

class_row: object

pgm_equiv_source: string
equiv_updated_date: string
credit_accepted: string
pgm_title_code: string
date_time_updated: date_time_updated
catalog_number: string
repeat_status: string
year_term: string
dept_name: string
pgm_equiv_updated_date: string
credit_hours: string
updated_by_id: updated_by_id
equiv_source: string
title_code: string
curriculum_id: string
grade: string
semester_or_quarter: semester_or_quarter
course_description: string
pgm_curriculum_id: string
sequence_num: sequence_num
basic_elective: string
updated_by_name: updated_by_name
up_low_division: string

college_code: string

college_row: object

date_entered: string
earned_credits: string
college_type: string
college_code: college_code
date_time_updated: date_time_updated
error_status: error_status
date_evaluated: string
semester_or_quarter: semester_or_quarter
grade_points: string
attended_to: string
attended_from: string
gpa: string
student_provided_gpa: string
college_name: string
transcript_source: string
college_name_long: string
updated_by_id: updated_by_id
graded_credits: string
student_provided_credits: string
transcript_status: string
college_state: string
accreditation: string
updated_by_name: updated_by_name
degrees: degree_list
classes: class_list

date_time_updated: string

degree_list: object[]

degree_row: object

degree_minor: string
degree_major: string
degree_date: string
updated_by_id: updated_by_id
degree: string
date_time_updated: date_time_updated
college_code: college_code
degree_source: string
degree_level: string
sequence_num: sequence_num
updated_by_name: updated_by_name
degree_gpa: string

error: object

message: error_message
httpStatusCode: error_http_status_code
name: error_name
code: error_code

error_code: number

error_http_status_code: number

error_list: object[]

error_message: string

error_name: string

error_status: string

request: object

method: string
resource: string
attributes: string
status: number
status_message: string

response: object

person_id: string
byu_id: string
net_id: string
student_name: string
total_earned: number
total_graded: number
total_points: number
total_gpa: number
college_list: object[]

semester_or_quarter: string

sequence_num: string

service_root: object

StdTransferWorkService: std_transfer_work_service

service_root_error: object

StdTransferWorkService: std_transfer_work_service_error

std_transfer_work_service: object

request: request
response: response

std_transfer_work_service_error: object

response: response
error: error_list
request: request

updated_by_id: string

updated_by_name: string

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