Create Standard Changes through web service.

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Base URL: /domains/servicenow/standardchange

Version: v1

Schemes: https


Path Operation Description
/change_request PUT

Create Standard Changes


Create Standard Changes

PUT /change_request

changes: object[]

Multiple standard change requests may be submitted

template_id: string (32 to 32 chars)

The sysId of the standard change template

short_description: string (1 to 160 chars)

This is the short description of the Change Request

state: string , x ∈ { 10 , 20 }

10-Draft 20-Submitted, defaults to Submitted which is automatically approved

description: string

This is the description field on the Change Request

request_date: string (date)

YYYY-MM-DD is a valid format

assigned_to: string (at least 1 chars)

The Net ID of the user responsible for the Change Request default to the logged in user

200 OK


result: object[]
change_sys_id: string (at least 32 chars)
number: string
short_description: string
status: string
Service Path: 
Domain or University API: 



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