This service displays the information for ward, stake, area and mission leaders.

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Base URL: /domains/legacy/identity/organization/unitlds

Version: v1

Default response content-types: application/json, application/xml
Schemes: https


Path Operation Description
/documentation GET

service definition

/{unit_number} GET

Shows information regarding the specified LDS Unit Number


service definition

GET /documentation

service definition

Uses default content-types: application/json application/xml

200 OK


Shows information regarding the specified LDS Unit Number

GET /{unit_number}

Tags: UnitsLDSService

Shows information regarding the specified LDS Unit Number


string -> [0-9]{7}

path string

Uses default content-types: application/json application/xml

200 OK

Service request is OK and a response has been generated.

Example for application/json
"request": {
"attributes": "",
"method": "GET",
"resource": "/json/0000000/",
"status": 200,
"statusMessage": "Service request is OK and a response has been generated."
"response": {
"unit": {
"parentUnitName": "",
"parentUnitNumber": "",
"parentUnitType": "",
"unitName": "",
"unitNumber": "0000000",
"unitStatus": "Active",
"unitType": ""
"unitInfo": {
"LDSCountryCode": "",
"LDSStateCode": "",
"addressLine1": "address",
"addressLine2": "",
"addressLine3": "",
"addressLine4": "",
"leaderName": "Leader",
"postalCode": "",
"primaryEmail": "email"
"unitNumbers": {
"cellPhone": "123-456-7890",
"cellPhoneExt": "",
"homeFax": "",
"homeFaxExt": "",
"homePhone": "",
"intlCodeCell": "",
"intlCodeHome": "",
"intlCodeHomeFax": "",
"intlCodeWork": "",
"intlCodeWorkFax": "",
"subUnitInfo": [
"subUnitLeader": "Leader",
"subUnitName": "",
"subUnitNumber": "0000000",
"subUnitStatus": "",
"subUnitType": ""
"workFax": "",
"workFaxExt": "",
"workPhone": "",
"workPhoneExt": ""
400 Bad Request

There appears to be a syntax error in the composition of the service request. The response structure may contain information about the error. If the base URI or service request URI is invalid, any response will come as an HTTP response.

401 Unauthorized

Failure to authenticate

403 Forbidden

The user does not have access to the resource.

404 Not Found

The target resource can not be found for the provided resource identifiers.

500 Internal Server Error

An error occurred generating the response to the service request. This is strictly a server error and not an application error.

Schema definitions

addressLine1: string

addressLine2: string

addressLine3: string

addressLine4: string

cellPhone: string

cellPhoneExt: string

homeFax: string

homeFaxExt: string

homePhone: string

intlCodeCell: string

intlCodeHome: string

intlCodeHomeFax: string

intlCodeWork: string

intlCodeWorkFax: string

LDSCountryCode: string

LDSStateCode: string

leaderName: string

parentUnitName: string

parentUnitNumber: string

parentUnitType: string

postalCode: string

primaryEmail: string

request: object

method: string
resource: string
attributes: string
status: number
statusMessage: string

response: object

unit: unit
unitInfo: unitInfo
unitNumbers: unitNumbers

subUnitInfo: object[]

subUnitNumber: subUnitNumber
subUnitName: subUnitName
subUnitType: subUnitType
subUnitStatus: subUnitStatus
subUnitLeader: subUnitLeader

subUnitLeader: string

subUnitName: string

subUnitNumber: string

subUnitStatus: string

subUnitType: string

unit: object

unitName: unitName
unitType: unitType
unitNumber: unitNumber
unitStatus: unitStatus
parentUnitName: parentUnitName
parentUnitType: parentUnitType
parentUnitNumber: parentUnitNumber

unitInfo: object

leaderName: leaderName
addressLine1: addressLine1
addressLine2: addressLine2
addressLine3: addressLine3
addressLine4: addressLine4
primaryEmail: primaryEmail
LDSStateCode: LDSStateCode
postalCode: postalCode
LDSCountryCode: LDSCountryCode

UnitLDSService: object

request: request
errors: object[]
code: number
name: string
message: string
httpStatusCode: number
response: response

unitName: string

unitNumber: string

unitNumbers: object

intlCodeHome: intlCodeHome
homePhone: homePhone
intlCodeWork: intlCodeWork
workPhone: workPhone
workPhoneExt: workPhoneExt
intlCodeHomeFax: intlCodeHomeFax
homeFax: homeFax
homeFaxExt: homeFaxExt
intlCodeWorkFax: intlCodeWorkFax
workFax: workFax
workFaxExt: workFaxExt
intlCodeCell: intlCodeCell
cellPhone: cellPhone
cellPhoneExt: cellPhoneExt
subUnitInfo: subUnitInfo

unitStatus: string

unitType: string

workFax: string

workFaxExt: string

workPhone: string

workPhoneExt: string

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