Returns a value of 'Y' if the BYU-ID in the request has a Direct Deposit Account that matches the Direct Deposit Type.

More information: https://it.byu.edu
Contact Info: api@byu.edu

Base URL: /domains/erp/sa/hasDirectDeposit/

Version: v1

Default response content-types: application/json
Schemes: https


Path Operation Description
/{BYU_ID}/{direct_deposit_type}/ GET


GET /{BYU_ID}/{direct_deposit_type}/



path string

Direct Deposit Type

path string

Uses default content-types: application/json

200 OK

Service request is OK and a response has been generated..

Example for application/json
"exists": true
400 Bad Request

This service requires a BYU-ID that can be no longer than 9 characters, followed by a Direct Deposit Type that can be only 1 character. Valid types are R-Student Refund, P-Payroll, and Y-YExpense

Example for application/json
"error_message": "EMPLID 999999999 does not exist."

Schema definitions

exception_info: object

error_message: string

exists: boolean , x ∈ { true , false }

response: object[]

Service Path: 
Domain or University API: 



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