Returns basic employee information plus the DMBA ID.

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Base URL: /domains/erp/hr/get_dmba_id_by_emplid

Version: v1

Default response content-types: application/json, application/xml
Schemes: https


Path Operation Description
/* GET


GET /*


Employee ID

query string , must match ^[0-9]{9}$

Uses default content-types: application/json application/xml

200 OK

Basic employee information plus the DMBA ID

Example for application/json
"employee": {
"byu_id": "999999999",
"dmba_id": "111111111",
"email_address": "",
"employee_record": "0",
"first_name": "Cosmo",
"gender": "M",
"last_name": "Cougar",
"net_id": "ccougar",
"paygroup": "ADM",
"work_phone": "801/422-4000"

Schema definitions

byu_id: string , must match ^[0-9]{9}$

dmba_id: string , must match ^[0-9]{9}$

email_address: string (up to 70 chars)

employee: object

byu_id: byu_id
employee_record: employee_record
paygroup: paygroup
first_name: first_name
last_name: last_name
gender: gender
net_id: net_id
email_address: email_address
work_phone: work_phone
dmba_id: dmba_id

employee_record: string (up to 3 chars)

first_name: string (up to 30 chars)

The person's first given name

gender: string , x ∈ { F , M , U }

The person's sex

last_name: string (up to 30 chars)

The person's surname or last name

net_id: string , must match ^(?=.*?[a-z][a-z0-9]{0,8})(([a-z][a-z0-9]{0,8},)*?[a-z][a-z0-9]{0,8})$

The person's Net ID

paygroup: string (up to 3 chars)

work_phone: string (up to 24 chars)

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