This is a shim that converts the old endorsement data into the newer looking data model.

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Base URL: /ee-ces-shim/2

Version: 2



Path Operation Description
/endorsements GET

search endorsements


search endorsements

GET /endorsements

byuId query string
200 OK

An array of endorsement objects

Schema definitions

Decision: object

id: integer (int32)
endorsementId: integer (int32)
leaderId: integer (int32)
level: string
decision: string
date: string (date)
leader: Leader

Endorsement: object

id: integer (int32)
personId: string
byuId: string
netId: string
type: string
status: string
dateRequested: string (date)
dateAgreedToHonorCode: string (date)
ldsUnitNumber: string
decisions: object[]
lds: boolean
completedDateTime: string (date)

Leader: object

id: integer (int32)
ldsId: string
ldsCmisId: string
ldsUnitNumber: string
name: string
calling: string
level: string
active: boolean
contactPrimaryPhone: string
contactSecondaryPhone: string
contactEmail: string
Service Path: 
Domain or University API: 



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