This service accesses a data entry screen for grouping more than one class together for registration.

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Base URL: /domains/legacy/academic/classschedule/envelope

Version: v1

Default response content-types: application/json, application/xml
Schemes: https


Path Operation Description
/documentation GET

service definition

/{year_term}/{envelope_id} GET

Shows the class information and other relevent information about an envelope.


service definition

GET /documentation

service definition

Uses default content-types: application/json application/xml

200 OK


Shows the class information and other relevent information about an envelope.

GET /{year_term}/{envelope_id}

Tags: EnvelopeService

Shows the class information and other relevent information about an envelope.


yearTerm -> [1-2][0-9]{3}[1345]

path string

string -> [0-9]{5}, 5 digit number

path string

Uses default content-types: application/json application/xml

200 OK

return the schedule contained in an envelope.

Example for application/json
"EnvelopeScheduleService": {
"request": {
"attributes": "",
"method": "GET",
"resource": "/json/20181/23587/",
"status": 200,
"statusMessage": "Service request is OK and a response has been generated."
"response": {
"allowBrokenEnvelope": "N",
"classCount": "1",
"dateUpdated": "29-JAN-2018",
"enrolled": "0",
"envelopeClassesData": [
"catalogueNumber": "142",
"classBuilding": "TMCB",
"classDays": "MWF",
"classEnvelopeId": "",
"classRoom": "1170",
"classSection": "001",
"classSize": "203",
"classTime": "9:00 - 9:50",
"classTitle": "Intro to Computer Programming",
"creditHours": "3.0",
"curriculumId": "01489",
"sectionType": "DAY",
"teachingArea": "C S",
"titleCode": "002"
"envelopeDescription": "",
"envelopeFlagName": "",
"envelopeFlagValue": "",
"envelopeId": "23587",
"envelopeSize": "0",
"envelopeType": "",
"fullSchedule": "",
"maxEnrollment": "0",
"maxEnrollmentFlag": "",
"multipleEnvelopes": "N",
"owner": "OWNER-BUSINESS",
"regEndDate": "",
"yearTerm": "20181"
400 Bad Request

There appears to be a syntax error in the composition of the service request. The response structure may contain information about the error. If the base URI or service request URI is invalid, any response will come as an HTTP response.

401 Unauthorized

Failure to authenticate.

403 Forbidden

The user does not have access to the resource.

404 Not Found

The target resource can not be found for the provided resource identifiers.

500 Internal Server Error

An error occurred generating the response to the service request. This is strictly a server error and not an application error.

Schema definitions

allowBrokenEnvelope: string

catalogueNumber: string

classBuilding: string

classCount: string

classDays: string

classEnvelopeId: string

classRoom: string

classSection: string

classSize: string

classTime: string

classTitle: string

creditHours: string

curriculumId: string

dateUpdated: string

enrolled: string

envelopeClassesData: object[]

curriculumId: curriculumId
titleCode: titleCode
teachingArea: teachingArea
catalogueNumber: catalogueNumber
classSection: classSection
sectionType: sectionType
classTitle: classTitle
classTime: classTime
classDays: classDays
creditHours: creditHours
classSize: classSize
classRoom: classRoom
classBuilding: classBuilding
classEnvelopeId: classEnvelopeId

envelopeDescription: string

envelopeFlagName: string

envelopeFlagValue: string

envelopeId: string

EnvelopeScheduleService: object

EnvelopeScheduleService: object
request: request
response: response

envelopeSize: string

envelopeType: string

fullSchedule: string

maxEnrollment: string

maxEnrollmentFlag: string

multipleEnvelopes: string

owner: string

regEndDate: string

request: object

method: string
resource: string
attributes: string
status: number
statusMessage: string

response: object

yearTerm: yearTerm
envelopeId: envelopeId
owner: owner
envelopeSize: envelopeSize
envelopeType: envelopeType
envelopeFlagName: envelopeFlagName
envelopeFlagValue: envelopeFlagValue
allowBrokenEnvelope: allowBrokenEnvelope
multipleEnvelopes: multipleEnvelopes
enrolled: enrolled
envelopeDescription: envelopeDescription
classCount: classCount
envelopeClassesData: envelopeClassesData
regEndDate: regEndDate
fullSchedule: fullSchedule
maxEnrollment: maxEnrollment
maxEnrollmentFlag: maxEnrollmentFlag
dateUpdated: dateUpdated

sectionType: string

teachingArea: string

titleCode: string

yearTerm: string

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