This service provides standard information about a section of a course. It does not provide a class roll.

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Base URL: /domains/legacy/academic/classschedule/coursesection

Version: v1

Default response content-types: application/json, application/xml
Schemes: https


Path Operation Description
/documentation GET

service definition

/{year_term}/{+teaching_area_curriculum_id}/{catalog_number_title_code}/{section_number} GET

Request information for a section based on the teaching area and catalog number


service definition

GET /documentation

service definition

Uses default content-types: application/json application/xml

200 OK


Request information for a section based on the teaching area and catalog number

GET /{year_term}/{+teaching_area_curriculum_id}/{catalog_number_title_code}/{section_number}

Tags: CourseSectionService

Request information for a section based on the teaching area and catalog number


Determines the specific year and term desired (see x-mock-json for example variable)

path string

Distinct teaching area OR identification of the curriculum (see x-mock-json for example variable)

path string

Catalog number associated with a specific section OR title code for an individual section (see x-mock-json for example variable)

path string

Determines a specific section (see x-mock-json for example variable)

path string

Uses default content-types: application/json application/xml

200 OK

Returns data for a specific section

Example for application/json
"request": {
"attributes": "",
"method": "GET",
"resource": "/20181/MATH/110/1",
"status": 200,
"statusMessage": "Service request is OK and a response has been generated."
"response": {
"course_section_combine_set": [
"com_catalog_number": "468",
"com_combine_curr_id": "10665",
"com_combine_section": "001",
"com_combine_title_code": "006",
"com_course_title": "Genomics",
"com_curriculum_id": "10665",
"com_dept_name": "PWS",
"com_section_number": "001",
"com_section_type": "DAY",
"com_title_code": "007"
"course_section_final_exam_schedule": {
"exam_begin_time": "1100",
"exam_building": "TMCB",
"exam_date": "20180423",
"exam_day": "M",
"exam_end_time": "1400",
"exam_room": "154"
"course_section_info": {
"allow_flex_title": "N",
"block_code": "S",
"byu_online": "N",
"catalog_number": "110",
"combine_curr_id": "",
"combine_section": "*",
"combine_title_code": "*",
"course_title": "College Algebra",
"credit_hours": 3,
"credit_type": "S",
"cross_list_flag": "N",
"curriculum_id": "06387",
"end_date": "20180418",
"enrolled_hours": 126,
"enrolled_students": 42,
"fee": "0",
"fixed_or_variable": "F",
"grade_due_date": "",
"grade_rule": "8",
"grade_submission_method": "W",
"honors": "N",
"lab_quiz_section": "",
"lms": "",
"minimum_credit_hours": 3,
"parent_unit_id": "1017",
"parent_unit_name": "Physical and Mathematical Sciences, College of",
"parent_unit_type": "College",
"rain_check": "N",
"reg_end_date": "20180116",
"reg_method": "O",
"reg_start_date": "20171023",
"section_number": "001",
"section_size": 42,
"section_status_flag": "A",
"section_type": "DAY",
"service_learning": "N",
"start_date": "20180108",
"teaching_area": "MATH",
"title_code": "001",
"unit_id": "1326",
"unit_name": "Mathematics, Department of",
"unit_type": "Department",
"wdrop_date": "20180320",
"year_term": "20181",
"year_term_desc": "Winter 2018",
"year_term_long_desc": "Winter Semester 2018"
"course_section_instructor_set": [
"byu_id": "987654321",
"email_address": "",
"net_id": "js279",
"person_id": "123456789",
"sort_name": "Teacher, Professor",
"type": "PRIMARY"
"course_section_schedule_set": [
"begin_time": "0900",
"building": "TMCB",
"days_taught": "MWF",
"end_time": "0950",
"room": "154",
"sequence_number": 1
400 Bad Request

There appears to be a syntax error in the composition of the service request. The response structure may contain information about the error. If the base URI or service request URI is invalid, any response will come as an HTTP response.

401 Unauthorized

Failure to authenticate.

403 Forbidden

The user does not have access to the resource.

404 Not Found

The target resource can not be found for the provided resource identifiers.

500 Internal Server Error

An error occurred generating the response to the service request. This is strictly a server error and not an application error.

Schema definitions

course_section_combine_set: object[]

com_curriculum_id: string
com_title_code: string
com_dept_name: string
com_catalog_number: string
com_section_number: string
com_section_type: string
com_course_title: string
com_combine_curr_id: string
com_combine_title_code: string
com_combine_section: string

course_section_final_exam_schedule: object

exam_building: string
exam_room: string
exam_date: string
exam_day: string
exam_begin_time: string
exam_end_time: string

course_section_info: object

year_term: string
year_term_desc: string
year_term_long_desc: string
curriculum_id: string
title_code: string
teaching_area: string
catalog_number: string
section_number: string
section_size: number
credit_hours: number
credit_type: string
fixed_or_variable: string
minimum_credit_hours: number
lab_quiz_section: string
section_type: string
section_status_flag: string
course_title: string
cross_list_flag: string
allow_flex_title: string
grade_submission_method: string
reg_method: string
fee: string
honors: string
service_learning: string
rain_check: string
block_code: string
start_date: string
end_date: string
reg_start_date: string
reg_end_date: string
wdrop_date: string
grade_due_date: string
grade_rule: string
combine_curr_id: string
combine_title_code: string
combine_section: string
lms: string
byu_online: string
unit_id: string
unit_type: string
unit_name: string
parent_unit_id: string
parent_unit_type: string
parent_unit_name: string
enrolled_hours: number
enrolled_students: number

course_section_instructor_set: object[]

person_id: string
byu_id: string
net_id: string
type: string
sort_name: string
email_address: string

course_section_schedule_set: object[]

sequence_number: number
building: string
room: string
days_taught: string
begin_time: string
end_time: string

CourseSectionService: object

request: request
response: response

request: object

method: string
resource: string
attributes: string
status: number
statusMessage: string

response: object

course_section_info: course_section_info
course_section_instructor_set: course_section_instructor_set
course_section_schedule_set: course_section_schedule_set
course_section_final_exam_schedule: course_section_final_exam_schedule
course_section_combine_set: course_section_combine_set
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